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Our Campus

Our Campus - Church

The Campus

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church is located at 2201 SW Vermont St., in Hillsdale, Portland. Located at the top of a hill, and exceptionally tall in its own right, our nave might very well be the tallest point in SW Portland. In the entrance area (the narthex), we have a living room set-up where small groups meet.

Our Campus - Chapel

The Chapel

Right behind the carpeted area is St Mary of the Roses, our chapel, which fits comfortably inside the nave itself.

Our Campus - Garden

Biblical Garden

Check out our Biblical Garden! Even though our climate is vastly different from that of the Holy Land, fig trees, hyssop, an almond tree, and other shrubs and plants mentioned in the Bible are clinging to life through Oregon winters. An olive tree is on our wish list, along with Arabian Jasmine and anemones.

The path along the garden and the nave leads to our secondary entrance, through which you’ll find the upstairs bathroom, the sanctuary, the sacristy, and our nursery.

Our Campus 5 - Hall

Parish Hall

Our Campus - Nursery

The Nursery

Our Campus 6 - Playground

The Playground

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St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

Portland, OR